Diab prosthesis company

We are representatives and agents of many international companies in this field, and our services cover a large area of the Egyptian market. We have a group of technicians who are qualified to install and maintain all of our products through our good management experience and qualified workers working to provide the best service and the best advice.

Children's medical splints

Dennis Brown Splint ruler. A type of splints used to correct the circulation or arching of the foot for newborn babies. Hip Abduction Bar. This type of splints is designed to separate the legs from each other and is used in cases of adhesion of the thighs to prevent adhesion. Pelvic joint operations to reduce movement until the condition improves. Pavlik Harness splint. It is a set of bands attached to the child's legs, around the shoulder and chest. It is used in the event of hip dislocation, where the upper part of the thigh bone is completely or partially removed from the pelvic cavity.